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HTTPS and Google Search Engine Result Page

If you will search over Google for a query, you may notice that now more number of websites with HTTPs have got their presence in search result pages than earlier.

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What is Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets (Sass)


Sass which is Syntactically amazing Stylesheets. Sass is simply an extension to Cascade Style Sheet that facilitate us write a lot of flexible styles.

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What Are The Sitelinks In Google Search Result Page?

You may have noticed it that some time if you search a website name over Google search engine you may find some other related links below main site’s url, which are related to the products, services and information that are being provided by that site. These very useful link underneath main url are called sitelinks.

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What is responsive website designing? and Why is it useful?

What is responsive website designing?

Responsive website designing could be a form of website development wherever both the layout and also the content responds to the device on that it’s being rendered and also according to the size of the screen it’s fetched on. Continue reading

What is Canonicalization, Its uses in website designing, development and seo

If you are running a dynamic website then you must have some pages, where data are coming from the data base. In these types of situation some time Search Engine Bots get confused to choose a particular url for a given content where similar type of data can be visible through different-2 tags and keywords. To reduce duplicity, search engine can pick only one url which it find most suitable for the content. Continue reading

Effect of Social Share on Website Ranking

Social media optimization is very important factor for a site to get higher ranking. Three years back, Google quietly launched a significant overhaul of their search algorithmic rule.

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What is website designing?

Website designing is an art, a art which needs loads of creativity and technical skills. It is a way to present your information in a way which should attract the individuals with great interest.

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New Update by Google and It’s Effect on Websites

Google has made a minor change in its search algorithm on 7th February which has caused a major change in ranking of different keywords for some websites.

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What are the best programming languages for Website Development?

If you will ask this question to a developer then he will surely say the language that he use is the best for the programming. I would say it’s all about your compatibility and comfortability with a language.

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How to get an article Index faster in Google?

Some time it takes weeks to get indexed in to the Google search result for a post  while the same time someone else is able  to get index  his website or a post within hours.  Continue reading

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